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The Lookout Arts Quarry is a space to create creative creations. We offer living and studio space year-round for artists of all disciplines. Read on to learn a bit more about what we’re all about.


The movement studio features 1,000 sq ft (22’ by 45’) linoleum-topped sprung wood dance floor, sunlight, radiant floor heating, 15’ of mirrors, two beams for aerial rigging, a piano and a stereo. This space is available and accessible 24 hrs a day (quiet hours from 11:11 pm to 8:08 am) except when booked privately (in general 0 to 4 hrs a week). The artist in residence gets 0 to 2 hrs of reserved private rehearsal time per day free of charge or additional hours at $15/hr. When not booked, the studio is shared with residents.


Through a hallway and attached to the studio is a converted shipping container with a small room (15’ x 9’) with lofted bed (with bedding), desk, chair, clothing racks, large window, lights, and door. Tent camping, car camping, trailers or otherwise may also be available.

  • Yurt with piano, drums, musical instruments, reference library, and wood stove
  • Wood-fired Sauna and sometimes hot tub
  • (very slow) Wireless Internet
  • Community tool shed for all the rakes, shovels, saws, and left handed gloves one could need. Additional wood and metal spaces may be available by request.
  • Various other nooks, lookouts, balconies, stages, indoor and outdoor areas, and life sized theatre sets to get crafty in.

Artists in Residency have access to a communal kitchen with a 6 burner propane stove, cookware, limited fridge space, and food storage areas. Included in your residency is access bulk organic foods (grains, oils, spices, baking ingredients, etc). Many meals are cooked in an informal communal manner and as such artists are encouraged to share in meal responsibilities/costs etc.


Currently the LAQ is also home to 4 ducks, 12 chickens, one cat and one dog plus a whole lot of wildlife! Aside from our one long term resident dog, we have a no-dog policy. Please ask about any critter other than yourself that you are considering bringing.


In addition to being an artist in residency site, the Lookout Arts Quarry also hosts a Summer season of festivals. Currently we are home to Sh’bang: A Festival of Ideas (an immersive visual and performing arts extravaganza), Circus Campout (just like the name), Alt Blues Fusion Recess (partner dance ‘til you drop), Confusion Festival (clown contact fusion dance), and Cascadia Skillshare (permaculture land based arts). Festival programing will vary, but in general the festivals are between June and September. We will do our best to coordinate festivals and residencies accordingly.


The closest major airport is Seattle/Tacoma (SEA). Airport shuttles are available to and from Bellingham for $35. The Bolt Bus runs to and from Seattle, Bellingham and Vancouver and is generally the cheapest way to go. The Amtrak train is a scenic connection between these cities as well.

Bellingham has a smaller airport (BLI) which can surprise you with great rates, but only to limited locations.

The nearest major town is Bellingham 13 miles north. Here you can find food, laundry, bay views, and much more. There is a bus which runs to and from Bellingham which leaves a few miles south of the Quarry at the Alger Park and Ride. If your schedule is flexible, there is often someone coming and going from town.

Biking is also a great way to come and go. The route is peaceful and direct but includes some good hills (mountains?). You’ll want a nicer bike with gears. And to be sort of tough.

Warehouse with Studio, Rooms, Kitchen
The Lake and Dock
Sh’Bang, Festival of Ideas!
Greenhouse Garden
The Kitchen
Yurt for Music and Library
Artist Dorm

Falling Awake

Physical Theatre

May 2016



Karla Mi Lugo

Billy Holiday “Impersonation” Show, Balloon Portraits, Art Installations

Bemya Nymm

Gnome Music


A Little Bit Off “Bella Culpa”

Physical Comedy

Julia Lights





Physical Theatre

July 2015



Whiskey Bliss

Music, Storytelling, Theatre




Minimum of 4 hours per day spent on artistic creation and development.
As with all Quarry residents, a minimum of 5 hr per week of community service hours. Every Saturday we pitch in on a Work Party that most residents attend to complete their hours.

Upon the completion of your stay, find a way to share your work with the greater community of Lookout. Options include but are not limited to: a performance, a workshop, an art opening, a concert, or artistic participation in Quarry-sponsored summer events. The AIR coordinators will be happy to work with you to ensure the success of your showing including promotion on social media and the newsletter. Any profits from the event are split 50/50 with the Quarry unless other arrangements are made.


$100 per person per month. Weekly rates also available. This fee covers all rent, utilities, internet, shared studio use and organic bulk food.


We consider all the following criteria when selecting Artists in Residence:

-Clear Focus (specific, achievable goals, well thought out proposals, a finished showing)
-Artistic Experience (in the discipline, or a similar discipline to the proposed project)
-Fresh (Work that is contemporary, new, exciting, relevant, thought provoking)
-Experimental (New approaches or presentations, takes risks, edgy)
-Diverse (Work that is ethnically/culturally diverse, queer, or genderfuck)
-Time (Finding mutually available dates between you and other residencies, festivals, etc)
-Community Integration (People or projects who are community minded and complement our community)
-Environmentally conscious (utilizing reclaimed materials, cultivates a relationship to the land, etc.)

These are selection criteria, not requirements or suggestions. A project does not need to represent all of the above to be considered.


We prefer residencies that are 1 month in duration but we’re open to proposals for longer or shorter stays.


Quite surely you must have a few! Please contact one or both of our very-friendly Artist in Residence coordinators:
Heather Dawn Sparks:
Matthew “Poki” McCorkle: