The Lookout Arts Quarry is located on a 61 acre land site that was previously operated as an industrial rock quarry. A group of artists took collective ownership of it in 2007 and have been establishing the land as an art center ever since, creating a nature preserve, planting fruit trees, building up fertile soil for gardens, and developing art focused infrastructure. The land features an inactive rock-quarry-turned-lake. During the warmer times of year (May to October) this makes for great swimming, clothing optional lounging on the floating dock, rock jumping, tight-line walking and zip-line zipping. During the colder times this is a great place to listen to frogs or watch the mist and reflect on how warm the Summer was. About half the property (by acreage) is considered wetland complete with beavers and herons. There are forested hills (Alder, Maple, Cottonwood, Birch, Cedar) with wild mushrooms and moss. In the in-betweens are packed rock roads and grassy fields.